Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Bobby" Jindal gets his butt handed to him on the floor of the House

"Bobby" Jindal gets his rear end handed to him by Congressman Barney Frank. Barney completely shows Jindal that he doesn't even KNOW the existing law. Jindal files a bill that is ALREADY LAW - So he is making a DOUBLE LAW.

And not only that, but he is clearly doing this to pander.

The best part is - Frank yields to Jindal to try to explain him self several times... finally he asks again and Frank says 'No I will not yield', "I tried 5 times." In this same exchange Frank says "I do have my own doubts for this administrations predilection for following the law."

He also states very clearly that this bill would only affect those in New Orleans who's homes have been washed away. Why would they not want to have the same rules for Mississippi? Why special rules just for New Orleans?

At the end the "acting speaker" states - "The Gentleman's time has expired" to which Frank responds - "Thank you Mr. Speaker, because so has my patience."

Amen, Brother Frank! PREACH!