Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Congressman Melancon tears up when discussing oil spill.

The British Petroleum oil catastrophe has been called the "greatest oil spill in United States history." BP's oil spill has and could result in enormous problems for all of us here in Louisiana. Potentially for many years to come.

Recently, Congressman Charlie Melancon expressed his deep sympathy for the people of Louisiana during a statement to several of his House colleagues. Even after vigorously attempting to fight back his tears, Mr. Melancon couldn't refrain from expressing how important Louisiana is to him and our impact on the entire nation.

The people affected by this catastrophe are the men and women whom Charlie grew up with, did business with, represents in Washington DC, and whom play a vital part in the overall economy of our nation. Every shrimper, fisherman, and oil rig worker, along with our unique marshes and all of coastal Louisiana have become threatened by this oil spill. Charlie sees this and is fighting to preserve our livelihoods, culture, and way of life. He knows, more than anyone else in Washington, the enormity of the BP oil spill.

Louisiana, Charlie is fighting for us in Washington because, to him, this is a fight devoted solely to the best interest of the people of Louisiana. Nonetheless, many Washington politicians will partake in "politics as usual" during a time of crisis. Thankfully, the people of Louisiana have Charlie Melancon in Washington standing up for all of us. During a time like this, we need a friend, a leader who we all can trust. We can, like always, count on Charlie Melancon.

Charlie Melancon immensely loves and is devoted to our state and every person who lives here. To say the least, he is a person of good character.

Thank You Congressman Melancon!