Tuesday, June 19, 2007

LeftBlog: Oh Bobby and Joeys new ATM

Greetings All,

It's an all new LEFT BLOG and this week we explore "Bobby" Jindal's comments on KVOL AM1330 where he said "Good Christians pray to God, not saints."

Then we look into the new "FREE" RED LIGHT Cameras that we are getting here in Lafayette that are just RIPE with problems.

Then ofcourse we point to Sammy Kershaw and his what will likely be a short run for Lt. Governor - why? Because less than 6 months ago he filed for Bankruptcy in Tennessee listing his residence there - NOT in Louisiana. So surely if a YEAR OLD fishing license where Non-Resident is checked disqualifies John Breaux for running for Governor - SURELY a 5 month old Bankruptcy filing showing residency in Tennessee will disqualify this '90's country crooner.

All this and so much more in this week's LEFTBLOG.

Kershaw NOT a resident of Louisiana

Greetings All,

Well it seems that Sammy Kershaw is just about to be OUT of the race for Lt. Governor, almost as fast as he got into the race. Just a few months ago, February of 2007, Kershaw filed for Federal Bankruptcy protection and listed his residence as Tennessee - nowhere on the forms does he list his Louisiana residence. Clearly this more than a freaking fishing license establishes residency. Not to mention if we are to put a man who is still going through bankruptcy into our second highest office in the state...

To read the entire filing for Bankruptsy, perhaps to see how the other side lives, check out this link.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Boustany at it AGAIN

The Daily Advertiser is reporting today... well actually it looks more like a COPY AND PASTE from an Offical Boustany Press Release that...

Boustany introduces health savings accounts bill

This is like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. HSA's are only good for RICH people who can afford to invest and shuttle money into different accounts to reap the benefits - how about the tens of thousands of working poor in this congressional district that are without healthcare insurance adequate to take care of a real emergency or provide for meaningful preventative treatments and exams? When is the good Doctor going to address this issue?

If we had an extra $200 a month to sock into a "RAINY DAY SICK FUND" we likely would... however this plan will only help those fortunate enough to have the money to invest in themselves it will do nothing for the seniors who are still being forced to decide between food in their refrigerators or medicine to keep them healthy and alive. When will THEY be given the respect THEY deserve by legislation supported by this congressman?

It is time for a complete MODERNIZATION of our healthcare system in this country.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

F&*% You!

Seems the Bush Administration gets it's own words used against them in a court ruling.

A New York Apeals court has struct down an FCC ruling that was leveling fines against broadcasters for "Fleeting explatives" - their reason - Well the President and Vice President use them... so... could they really be that bad?

But in a lengthy judgment, the court also examined the wider issue of profanity on American TV and in public life, and First Amendment protection of
profanity,as it rejected the FCC's policy that the words 'f***' or 's****' always had asexual or excretory connotation. Specifically it noted that both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney were on record as having used those words in anon-literal way, Mr Bush when he told Tony Blair that the United Nations needed to "get Syria to stop Hezbollah to stop doing this s***' and Mr Cheney when he told a senator, on the floor of the Senate, to "f*** yourself'.

Oh I wonder what Cheney has to say about this one?