Thursday, August 18, 2005

All New BLOG set up for Lafayette Democrats

Greetings All,

With the growing number of us FED UP with current happenings, and Yahoo not being that easy to reach all that we want to reach, THIS is our new BLOG.

This blog is intended for members of the Democratic Party of Acadiana to SOUND OFF, Post News Stories with Comments, post commentaries and really just SOUND OFF whenever you want.

Specifically, my hopes are that this blog will be used to relay much needed news stories that are NOT getting reported locally, and that we really must get out there.

This is a POLITICAL BLOG, so let's try to keep our messages on Political issues, and hopefully gear them all to Louisiana and hopefully acadiana.

Lastly - let's all play nice. By opening this up, surely we will get those that do not agree with us. Lets show the WORLD that we can have a good - FACT BASED arguement and steer clear of character assasinations and name calling - we can leave that to the Republicans.

Enjoy - have fun... and let's change the world!

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bjc said...

From: Barbara J. Conner To:
Subject: Re: Book Notes

Thank you so much for your wonderful outlines.
I learned a lot.

My version of history:

Yes, the robber-barons after the Civil War were protected by
privledged judges who did not know the limited
opportunies of the
workers. The role of the courts, they felt, was to
protect whenever
possible the status quo.
The prejudice against non-landowners was strong. The appeal of new
technology (eg, railroads) was like a new, great big toy.
FDR stacked the courts in '34 or 5 and began change.
At a time of national despair,
he was elected by projecting HOPE and COURAGE.
My relatives tell me everyone knew FDR was in a wheelchair, but
they did not 'dwell' on it. His fight against the
dread disease of the
day gave him an unspoken respect.
Once in office, he surrounded himself with the best intellectuals,
with a wide range of opinions, who ARGUED in the Cabinet meetings. FDR
made the decision.

By the way, in the 1600's, Spinoza said
fear-and-hate are always
overcome by love-and-joy. He used geometry to prove
This theme is repeated in that joyful presence Carter brought to
the White House. Carter was able to unite poor black and white, and
through his emphasis on human rights, won respect of the world. Not to
mention his farsighted petro-conservation policies. (And he
suggested Congress legalize maryjane.)
Yes, since Reagan at least, Repubs have SAID they wanted to empty
the treasury to keep the 'tax and spend' Demos from 'giving away money
to the lazy.' Instead they gave away money to lazy monopolies and the
war machine.
Clinton proved balanced budgets were possible, but his plan depended on following admintrations following through. (Was Nixon
responsible for the first deficit budget?)
Notice the difference between jovial FDR and GWBJR - sour, surrounded by rabid dummies, and no one knows who makes the decisions.
With a scared and compliant Congress, GWBJR
had a blank check to the deliver the US treasury to the war-barons and petro-cartel (Some people say this includes the Carlyle Group, where Bushes and Saudis unite to benefit from arms sells. Anybody need a war?) And there has been NO RESISTANCE.

Also, I believe monopoly is one of the biggest problems, since it is just another word for blackmail. On the other hand, I feel verbally attacking corporations has a limited efficacy.
"Corporate " structure is a moving target, and if attacked, can be shape-shifted by bored managers into whatever is legally acceptable - limited partnerships, for
example. (That's what lawyers are for.)
Further, regulation alone cannot be sucessfull until Big Business looses the power to buy Congress.
A great shift in heart and the conventional public opinion will allow these changes by Congress. (For example, all campaign contributions and payments
of lobbyists, must be of
a limited amount, say $2000, and can only come from registered voters.)
In spite of the great challenges - or perhaps
because of them and the Repub'n incompentency - Democrats can win with
RATIONAL policy combined
with HOPE and COURAGE.
I really do believe that.
In short, my suggestion is instead of saying,"and the US will become a beggar nation," try, "without a sharp shift in policy, it is likely that... " or, "it is possible that," or "we must work to prevent..." or "change is possible."
Positive and practical policy is what draws voters. Give
alternatives to those who feel cornered by fear and


Best wishes,