Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Vitter shows TRUE colors in Lafayette

Freshman Senator David Vitter, on a visit to Lafayette last week, made some incredibly revealing comments about his personal views. Both he and Rep. Charles Boustany have tried to have it both ways, and it is about time we call them on this.

The Baton Rouge Advocate reports:

He was speaking at a Lafayette Parish Republican Executive Committee luncheon when state party Treasurer Charlie Buckels congratulated Vitter on the work he has done on behalf of the state in the wake of the storms.

Vitter thanked Buckels, but said he had been similarly congratulated recently and had said that considering the efforts of state officials, "it's easy to look like a giant in a land of pygmies."

Another audience member, who identified herself as a New Orleans evacuee, asked Vitter if Gov. Kathleen Blanco is "doing anything."

Vitter initially replied that the question was a little broad, but went on to say "If you give me a recall petition, I'll sign it," though he did not name Blanco as the target of the recall.

Later in the same article they report:

In regard to the area where he was speaking, Vitter said Lafayette has become a new crossroads for the state, referring to Lafayette's role as a shelter for refugees from southeast and southwest Louisiana, as well as a staging ground for relief efforts.

"Unfortunately, it's the crossroads where Katrina meets Rita," he said. "I always knew I was against same-sex unions."

Natural disasters are no laughing matter. David Vitter should immediately apologize to the people of Louisiana and Governor Blanco for his insensitive, ill-timed and inappropriate remarks.

The people of Louisiana must take precedence over political games and poor attempts at humor as we work to rebuild our state in the wake of two devastating hurricanes. David Vitter’s racially insensitive and politically charged remarks only hinder our state’s progress and demonstrate how out of touch he is with the plight of so many Louisianians.

If David Vitter wants to do something constructive for the people of our state, he should write and champion legislation that will allow loan forgiveness for our state’s overburdened local governments instead of writing and delivering tasteless jokes.

David Vitter has offered no solutions, and after openly criticizing the Federal Government during and after Katrina, blaming them for the short comings and letting Louisiana Down, NOW he tries to change his story to be in lock step with his party. But this shouldn't surprise us, this is not the first and regretfully not the last time David Vitter puts his party ahead of Louisiana.

Perhaps we should all ask him why he thinks that Louisiana should have to repay FEMA for the money they are giving us after all, he didn't make New York repay their funding. Perhaps it is because New York City and New York State have Republicans in charge?


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