Thursday, November 03, 2005

48 Louisiana Reasons Why Congress Should Investigate Bush/Cheney Pre-War Intelligence Manipulation

Republicans in the U.S. Senate were angered by Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid's move to force the Senate into a closed door session on the failure of the Republican Senate leadership to exercise Congress's duty to provide oversight on the actions of the Bush administration. While the oversight failure is general and near total, the specific focus of this maneuver was the failure of the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate the manipulation of pre-Iraq war intelligence by the Bush administration.

Here are 48 good reasons why Louisiana citizens should be demanding this investigation go forward in an honest and no-holds-barred way into how we got into this war.

Get this straight: Taking this country into war based on false intelligence is a tragedy. Knowingly taking this country into war based on false intelligence is both criminal and impeachable. This is one of the highest crime that any leader can commit against a republic.

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GumboFilé said...

I wish more politicians of both parties had practiced due diligence before the war. There are very few without blood on their hands.