Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why Impeachment Works for Me

I believe Senator Russ Feingold is absolutely right to push to censure President Bush for his warrantless NSA domestic spying program.

But, the more information that comes out about the way the administration lied about the intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq, the stronger the argument for impeachment becomes.

Now, comes word, in this article, about the extensive cover-up that took place during 2004 to prevent the extent of the intelligence manipulation from coming to the attention of the press and the public.

For well over a year, polls have shown that a majority of Americans believe that President Bush should be impeached if it could be shown that he lied about the basis for going to war against Iraq.

With evidence of the cover-up growing, the proof of the lies (including the various memos and stories emerging from Britain) is evident. All we need now is for members of the House Judiciary Committee to demonstrate the political courage to live up to their oaths of office: to protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.

The failure of the Republican-controlled Congress to provide any Constitutionally-mandated oversight of the actions of the Bush administration is grounds for the election of a Democratic majority in at least the House of Representatives.
This rubber-stamp, hold no-one accountable Republican Congress must go!

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