Tuesday, August 01, 2006

LeftBlog: Stem Cells-Hypocrisy reaches a new heights

Greetings all:
So this week I have had a real problem getting over hypocrisy. I am sure many of you will say that in order to define modern day politics, hypocrisy has to be at least mentioned, well this time hypocrisy means at the very least the abandonment of hope… at worst, death.

Embryonic Stem Cell research is a very difficult topic, especially here in southwest Louisiana. However, no matter WHERE you stand on this very important issue, I am sure you will be outraged at the POLITICing that is going on with this topic.Charles Boustany on July 17th issued a press release (http://boustany.house.gov/LatestNews.asp?ARTICLE3149=4820) congratulating President Bush for his VETO of the “Stem Cell Bill.” That in and of itself is troubling at best, Senator Bill Frist, also a heart surgeon, came out in support of this research due to the possibilities that it could hold for so many suffering from some very terrible diseases. Congressman Boustany is on the record as stating in effect that embryonic stem cell research has not yielded any substantive therapies, thus it should not be employed in the future. I am sure the thousands of scientists and doctors working on this program would disagree with the good doctor.

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