Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mark Foley Sex Scandal, Rahm Emanuel on ABC's This Week

Mark Foley Sex Scandal, Rahm Emanuel on ABC's

This is an outstanding interview where Rahm Emanuel handles this incredibly well. He nails Putnam on the entire CONTRACT WITH AMERICA and how they have broken it. "6 years in control and all you guys have is Fear..." Great interview and it is good to see democrats fighting back and not backing down.


oyster said...

The widely promoted claim that the GOP demanded Foley's resignation is a lie. (Repeated in this interview by the Republican shill, without correction by Rahm or George.)

Stephen said...

I agree, this was a DUCK AND COVER MOVE by Foley to get the heck out of Dodge, and the Republican leadership was caught completely and totally off gaurd - all you have to do is witness the media reports from that Friday when this thing BLEW.
Republican are so fond of Revisionist History... prime example - REAGAN!