Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Challenge to Durel

The Baton Rouge Advocate reports that Lafayette Democratic Parish Executive Committee member Glenn Armentor is being praised by Joey Durel for having the courage to host a fund-raiser for Durel at his home.

The paper carries effusive testimony by the two to the wonders of the particularly phony sort of bi-partisanship that thrives in Lafayette; that is, Democrats shove aside their party to embrace some popular Republican. Republicans, meanwhile, not only refuse to endorse any Democrats, are quick to criticize as wildly partisan anyone who dares point out the sham truce. This being Acadiana and all, does the name Vichy Dems work in this case? Think "Casablanca."

Here's a challenge to Durel: If party has nothing to do with governing Lafayette, if it is really all just about the good of the city and all that, give up your membership in the Republican Party now and run for re-election without a party label.

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Nick said...

There's no way Durel would give up his party label. Louisiana, with some exceptions, is a pretty partisan state. People are hell bent on voting party lines, even though the party labels mean nothing attached to our politicians.

State Rep. Billy Montgomery changed to Republican last month, except that his voting record is pretty liberal. Meanwhile, State Treasurer John Kennedy is pretty conservative, yet he's a Democrat, same with Congressman Charlie Melancon. Yet, "conservative" Republicans went out and cast their ballots for Craig Romero without thinking twice.

I think we only have one Independent in our entire state legislature, Rep. Joel Robideaux.

The sad thing about Durel likely running un-opposed is that many in Lafayette are ready to vote him out. To me, Lafayette Democrats could put out someone, anyone.