Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Independents Reports on Democrats standing up to "Bobby" Jindal's partisan Gamesmanship

State Senator Eric LaFleur has decided to stand up for the thousands of Louisiana Citizens who through no fault of their own have found themselves unemployed here in the state by filing a bill to over-rule Bobby Jinda's partisan attach on the Recovery bill that would ultimately turn down almost $100 million dollars to those who need it most.

Good for you Seantor LaFleur - here is a bit of their story - more at the link above:
State Rep. Eric LaFleur of Ville Platte (who’s said to be jockeying for a U.S. attorney appointment with the Obama administration) fired off a letter to his legislative colleagues yesterday asking for a joint resolution to override Gov. Bobby Jindal’s rejection of a portion of federal stimulus funds. He’s now getting push-back from both Jindal and state Rep. Joel Robideaux, Independent of Lafayette.

Jindal has turned down $98 million in federal funds dedicated to an expansion of unemployment benefits. The gov contends these funds require permanent changes to state unemployment law that will continue to cost the state long after short term federal dollars
run out. In his letter, LaFleur contends that by rejecting these funds, La. taxpayers won’t be getting the full benefit of the stimulus plan, which they are helping to fund. He writes:

“If we reject these funds, Louisiana taxpayers will be paying to subsidize and support unemployment compensation in states such as California, where Gov. Schwarzenegger has already signaled his intention to accept the funds. While we may have different opinions on programs funded in the stimulus package, I think that we can all agree we want Louisiana tax dollars to remain in Louisiana, working for Louisianians and Louisiana’s economy.”

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