Friday, December 23, 2005

Dang! Another Boustany Contributor in Ethics Trouble!

Poor Charlie Boustany! Copley New Service is reporting that another contributor to the Republican Congressman's campaign is in ethics trouble tied to a questionable relationship with a lobbyist.

The contributor is California Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis (not the entertainer), who has made at least three contributions to Boustany's campaign fund.

While our Congressman has not been personally tied to corrupt behavior, a growing number of his Congressional patrons have.

Unlike a number of other congressmen who've felt some sense of shame for having been tied to 'dirty money,' our Congressman has steadfastly refused to give back even a penny of the tainted dough that's made its way into the coffers of his two campaigns.

That's backbone for you! Ain't nothin' gonna keep Chuck from a buck! Ethics? Smethics!

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