Wednesday, December 07, 2005

'There was a disconnect'

Limbaugh, off the air in N.O. since Katrina managed to alienate the city on his first day back. Limbaugh tried to get New Orleanians to agree that the problem was New Orleans. New Orleans wasn't buying it.

A story on chronicles the debacle"

There was a disconnect'

WWL radio invites Rush Limbaugh to New Orleans so he'll know what he's talking about

Limbaugh, the most listened-to radio talker in the land, introduced caller "Ray from New Orleans," where, said the host, "They're getting back to normal in the city."

"Things are not returning to normal," said Ray. "I wish you would come down here to see for yourself..."

Ray set the tone by criticizing President Bush's fabulously framed Jackson Square TV speech to the nation.

"All lies," the caller said. "None of the things that he promised are happening."

It went on and on. Rush ineffectually tries to find some credible way to blame New Orleans for the plight she finds herself in but, shock, New Orleanians refuse to play his game. Rush usually makes his hay by ridiculing those that he thinks his audience resents. He forgot the basic formula here: you can't make much hay ridiculing your audience.

There's been a lot of right-wing nonsense smearing Louisiana that is intended to cover up federal incompetence. Rush thought that would be an easy game for him to play. But Ray from New Orleans wasn't having any of it. We shouldn't either.

It's our turn to say: We're angry and we're not going to take it any more.

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