Sunday, January 15, 2006

Get ready, African-America, for a Neo-Con attack on the memory of Dr. King….

Tomorrow, America honors Dr. Martin Luther King. And, African-Americans should get ready for the perennial Neo-Con assault on Dr. King’s legacy.

In 1971,
Lewis F. Powell, who would later server on U.S. Supreme Court, wrote a memo to Eugene Sydnor, Chairman, Education Committee, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, outlining a strategy for a conservative cultural counter-revolution. The Powell Manifesto, as it’s now called, has become the archetype for attacks on trial lawyers, academics, journalist, and religious leaders who criticize conservative greed, racism, sexism, war and political simony.

A strategy of the
Powell Manifesto is simple but effective: Relentlessly and repetitively attack the character of traditional progressive heroes like Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Dr. King and, in time, the degradation becomes axiomatic.

Taylor Branch’s “
At Canaan’s Edge” does just that. At Canaan’s Edge is the latest attempt to destroy Dr. King’s memory and deprive America of another hero who spoke against conservative greed, racism, sexism, war and political simony. Believing all readers are dumb, Branch offers interviews with FBI agents as proof of the things he writes.

To the jejune reader, inclined to believe Branch’s exaggerations, remember: Branch was the ghostwriter of John Dean’s memoir, “Blind Ambition.” Dean would later denounce
Branch as a liar who fabricated many of the salacious episodes in the book.

Spread the word about Branch’s hatchet job on Dr. King. But also, take time to read the
Powell Manifesto to fully understand the strategy of the Neo-Con autocrats.

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