Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush Budget: 'Tax Cuts, Yes! Gulf Coast, No!'

Here's the Bush administration's Fiscal Year 2007 budget in condensed form:

Tax Cuts, Yes!

Disaster relief for the Gulf Coast, NO!

Medicare: cut pay to hospitals.

Medicaid: cut programs and fees.

Iraq war: Off the books, but YES!

The result will bigger deficits and a government even less prepared to respond to needs of its citizens.

Or, as one former budget official told the New York Times:
Gene B. Sperling, a former economic adviser to President Bill Clinton, compared it to a man who leases three fully loaded Hummers, finds it stretches his family's budget to the breaking point, and decides his family has to start buying cheaper peanut butter.

"They're trying to create a framework where it seems the government can't do anything dramatic on child poverty or helping people between jobs because there's too much discretionary spending," Mr. Sperling said. "And their own numbers show that's flat out wrong."
This administration is neither conservative nor compassionate, but they are unburdened by any doubts about their actions. Apparently, infallibility is a component of the unified theory of the executive (aka "King me!") that has emerged fully-formed in the Bush administration after being in disrepute for the entire history of the republic. Who knew that the Founding Fathers were royalists after all?


Read what the Attorney General is saying: in their view, the President, when acting as Commander in Chief, is answerable to no one.

If this is not a Constitutional crisis, it is just a few steps away.

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