Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Meet the Democrats 2/13/2006

It's an all New "Meet the Democrats" on AOC Channel 5 on Monday Night at 9pm.

This is your PREVIEW of this week's show:
  1. The Republican House Members have a NEW LEADER… and this one is just as corrupt as the last! And guess who is his new BEST FRIEND? - Congressman Charles Boustany, but only after a $5,000 donation to Charles Boustany.
  2. Illegal Wire Tapping... Repulbicans are breaking with the administration in record numbers. Make no mistake this investigation is about breaking the law, and this administration did just that.
  3. The State of the Union... Bush stated that we are addicted to Middle East Oil however even with his promises made in this years SOTU it will only return funding to Alternative Fuel development back to the levels under the Clinton Administration. And in his entire speach only 42 seconds of it was about Louisiana and the devistation we are suffering here - shame on you Mr. President.
  4. Congratulations to Dick Cheney! - In 2004 Dick Cheney's stock options in Halliburton were valued at $241,498 however NOW in 2006 - These same stock options are valued at over $8,000,000 (yes, that is 8 MILLION). It would seem these "NO BID, NO COMPETE" contracts Cheney oversaw and awarded to Halliburton has paid off nicely for him.
  5. The Immoral Budget - Congressman Boustany AGAIN votes against Families in Acadiana and for himself and other Millionaires to cut programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Student Loans and even the School Lunch program - stripping Free School lunches for over 40,000 American School Children - where most of the time this is the only time these kids get a balanced meal. There is NOTHING Christian about this.
  6. The Nation says goodbye to Coretta Scott King - Mrs. King spent her life fighting for Racial Equality and Civil Rights for all; specifically standing up for African Americans, The poor, The Gay and Lesbian community and all those disenfranchised throughout the world.

This show's guest is Rev. Donald R. Washington where we discuss the Values and Morals of the Democratic Party and the immorality of the current budget by this administration. There is nothing CHRISTIAN about taking from the poor to give to the rich.

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