Thursday, June 08, 2006

Boustany 'Doubles Up' In Emerging Lewis Scandal

In an earlier post, I mentioned that it was possible that Cholly Boustany had received contributions not only from Congressman Jerry Lewis, but also from the husband of former Lewis aide (now lobbyist) Letitia White, who has emerged as a person of interest in the investigation of corruption that first centered on Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Well, it looks like Richard White (husband of Letitia White) is a contributor to Boustany as well as a player in the 'earmarks for contribution' scandal that started with Cunningham and has now ensnared Lewis.

In his 2004 campaign, it appears that Boustany doubled up on the Lewis camp! He got money from Lewis's PAC and he got money from Letitia White's husband during a time when Lewis was earmarking projects for White and battling other Republican Congressmen to become chairman of the House Appropriations committee.

Cholly Boustany: He's not corrupt; he's just drawn that way!

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