Thursday, June 15, 2006

LeftBlog Launches on The Daily Advertiser

Greetings All,

As you may have heard, the Daily Advertiser has launched a Political BLOG that will appear weekly on their websites and Teasers will be placed in the Print Paper. I hope you will all let me know what you think of our first round.

I have to say, my "opponent" seems to have some issues... issues that he needs to "work out" and perhaps this column will be therapy for him. But I have to say with the comments I am getting on this BLOG and the comparison between the Left and Right... this seems to be a definate good thing...

One person told me:
Your Republican Counterpart seems so angry and his column is all about fear mongering ... the American People see through the fear mongering - and they are tired of it. They want bold vision and change for the better.
Another person stated:
Tritchler isn't even on the same level. Yours is filled with facts,
examples, concreteness. You apply what you say directly to people's
lives. His is filled with bluster and buzzwords.

Whatever your opinion is, please share it with me... I am open to all critiques and I would love suggestions for topics in the upcoming issues.

Stephen Handwerk


Ian McGibboney said...

The LeftBlog-RightBlog thing is a very interesting concept for The Advertiser. It should at least be a refreshing change from the overwhelming right-wing bias of their editorial pages.

Any word on if these columns will also be printed? I think they should be, on some predetermined date (since the blogs update on separate days).

Stephen, I think you win the first round by default. Tritschler has a very inflated sense of self and writes with the same overreaching strokes that taint popular Republican discourse. He seems to really believe that liberals want terrorists to destroy America, among other stupid assertions.

My advice to you, though, is not to get complacent about this fish-in-a-barrel matchup. The sad fact is that Tritschler's prose resonates with people because all it requires of a reader is minimal thought and it lets them feel good about their selfishness.

The truth, on the other hand, is trickier. Truth is a bitter pill, and people will swallow it only if they can have some tasty drink to wash it down with. That drink has to be compelling and persuasive writing.

Best of luck with LeftBlog. See you next week.

Nick said...

I think the Advertiser should feature me and Icon. We've already written against each other as columnists and neither one of us is tied to any party affiliation, therefore just our own ideologies.

Stephen said...


I can't thank you enough for droping me this note, it is much appriciated.

You can rest assured that I am not going to sit on my hands with this. I realize what an opportunity this is for us to get our views "OUT THERE".

To answer some of your questions, it is my understanding that the paper will always include SNIPS from our Blogs and from time to time they will print them in full or an edited down version. However I can tell that the advertiser is very serious on taking a great deal of content ONLINE (That medium favors us, I think... but there is only so much PREACHING we could/should do to the Choir.

I could not agree more with your thoughts on content either. I need to bookend my columns with heartfelt items to drive my points home but then back it up with FACTS.

Thanks again and keep offering the feedback I greatly appriciate it.