Friday, December 12, 2008

David Vitter, How can you call yourself an American?

Senator Vitter obviously needs to come home more because in Washington DC he is forgetting who he represents. Vitter fails to see that many Louisiana dealers, like my family, who combined own four dealerships and employ 300 people total, would completely lose everything if this 'bailout' were to fail. Lafayette alone has about 7 domestic car dealerships that would all close their doors if Vitter had his way. I would lose everything, if my Senator had his way in Washington. Do you not care about me, Senator? Who did you go to Washington to represent? Which Japanese company is more important to you, Toyota, Nissan, or Honda, these companies are constantly taking away from the American people. If you had the slightest care for Louisiana and America you would not be in Washington attacking the nation that you have been so fortunate to live in. How dare you! How dare you attack small business owners in Louisiana trying to make a living. My great-grandfather started his car dealerships that sell only domestic; he started his businesses with a loan from the bank and a plan to service his clients with the best service they could find. My family has been in this business for three generations. We are not corporate CEOS flying to Washington asking for your help. We are a small Louisiana family trying to make a living. We are the people you represent. What about the General Motors plant in Shreveport? That plant alone employs 1500 people and had plans to employ 1500 more. 1 in 10 jobs in America are related to the domestic car industry. 65% of car dealerships in Louisiana are domestic and on average employ 60 people each. How could you let Louisiana down? Your plan to filibuster this ‘bailout’ in the Senate shows me, every dealer in Louisiana, and every person in Louisiana affected by the auto industry that you are not qualified to be in Washington. See you in 2010, Senator, me and the 20,000 other people in LOUISIANA whose jobs rely on the DOMESTIC car industry (not including Newspapers, radio, TV, and other industries who rely on the domestic industry.)


Stephen said...

Vitter is a disgrace in so many ways. To see him leading this fight against the US Auto Manufacturers is just discusting. They wonder why they lost so badly in this last election cycle. Keep up the great work, Blake!

GumboFilé said...

the proposed bailout is only more fascism. apparently you're ok with that. taking money out of my pocket to put in yours. rewarding failure at the expense of the productive. furthermore, it will not save the US auto industry. it will only delay the inevitable. the only thing that can save the US auto industry is court protected restructuring. it has worked for many businesses in the past, both big and small. if we bailout the US automakers there will be no incentive to change the bad practices that brought them to this point. if they file ch 11 they will have to change for the better or be liquidated. either option promises more productive use of the resources currently used by US automakers. any other option is a drag on US productivity.

David in Grand Coteau