Sunday, December 14, 2008

How embarrassing! David Vitter fails us again!

I am only 15 years old, but I think this might make sense. If someone is failing, making failing grades, doesn't that mean that the position they are in is maybe too challenging. Poor David, he just can't do it. I know in High School if a class is too hard, then I change classes. Maybe David should consider a new position. David's entire, embarrassing life in the public eye we have watched him be a puppet. A puppet for Washington 'big shots'! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I support Democrats and Republicans. I am proud whenever I see politicians go over to their friends on the other side and do what is best for America and their constituents. It is because of confused politicians like David Vitter that we find ourselves in the kind of troubles that we are in. It's okay David, not everyone is cut out for public service! We need real leadership and someone who stands up for all of us! David is not what he claimed to be. We watched David parade around Louisiana and tell us that he he was the 'family values' candidate. FALSE! He said he would stand up for us. FALSE! David vitter was given an F in 2005 and 2007 by He did not go to Washington and stand up for all of us. People in Louisiana make 29% less than the average American. Most making just 30,000 a year. David you failed, and we suffered!

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