Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blue Mondays - Inauguration Special


dorothy said...

Dear Stephen and all Dems in SWLA, The email of President Obama's Inauguratio was outstanding. Todays news however left me with an all to familiar frustration with Washington. We worked so hard to bring about change in our goverment, and todays news of the banking industries misuse and frankly fraudulent misappropriation of the American citizens tax dollars truly stresses my belief in the possibility of change. Our new President stated this misuse of the appropriations was "shameful". Of course it is shameful. These bankers and financial wizards have stolen from us. WE the taxpayers, WE the citizens of the USA who are baring the brunt of a major recession with job loss, housing losses, and the sharp increases in prices of essential services and goods. I'm sorry Mr President, but words are not good enough. If I was a thief and I was caught and as clearly guilty as these immoral and unethical individuals I would be forced to return the lute. If we are to see change and true accountability have the IRS track down every cent of the appropriations that were used for deluxe trips and decorating and put into family members names and return it to WE, THE PEOPLE. Lets see if Change is just a campaign slogan or if our representatives truly work for us. It can be done, of course it can. The IRS can find the money, if our leaders have the will.

Stephen said...

All very good points and I couldn't agree more. It has been reported that the next major legislative package that is being worked on is the regulation overhaul of the banking industry. This is going to be huge! I think this coupled with the new accountability being applied to the second half of the TARP fund is going to show us what we need. Is it enough - Heck no! But it is a start... I keep having to remind myself that he has only been president for 10 days ;)