Sunday, February 01, 2009

Defeating David Vitter!

In 2010 Louisiana has the greatest opportunity. We have a second chance! Most of the time whenever we make a mistake we never get a second chance to start over. Yes, the damage has been done, but it is not over yet. Louisiana, we can still do good. David Vitter has been a disgrace to woman and has totally disrespected them. Every female in Louisiana should be outraged. If it was during the DC Madam scandal, the New Orleans madam scandal, the promiscuity that caused him to quit the 2003 Governor's race, or being the ONLY Senator that voted against confirming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Why is this? Do not even get me started on David's idiotic remarks about his opposition to the Automobile Industry Bridge Loan. During the Senate debate Vitter refered to the approach of giving the automotive industry a financial package before they restructured as "ass-backwards" (to do something contrary to the usual way).[41] He soon apologized for the comment, which failed to appear in the Congressional Record. Why is he opposed to everything? They should call him him 'Nayvid' Vitter because he is famous to opposing anything that works! This is my favorite, in 1998 David Vitter actively called on President Clinton to resign because of his misconduct with Miss Lewinsky. Well, when David was found on a prostitutes list of CLIENTS he refused to resign. Well, isn't that funny? The question still remains who will be succeeding David. There are continued speculation that Congressman Charlie Melancon from District 3 has his eye on it. I have always been a fan of Congressman Melancon, and he is certainly popular in his home district. He would make an outstanding Senator. A Senator that we can all be proud of! Jim Bernhard, CEO of the Shaw Group is considering this run as well. He is a successful business man from Baton Rouge and is highly respected. Now, two people that you were most likely not expecting to be mentioned are former Governor Kathleen Blanco and Democratic Party favorite James Carville. Governor Blanco told a news station earlier that she is "today not that candidate," but she leaves the door open to that possibility. James Carville has officially moved back to New Orleans and insiders say that he is strongly considering to make a run against David Vitter.

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