Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bobby Jindal: Pt 3 - He lied

Developments out of the “blogosphere” have now catapulted into the Main Stream Media. MSNBC and now it appears CBS News are now covering this story. And we now learn that Bobby Jindal is going to be on 60 Minutes this Sunday night to try to explain himself out of this whopper he told on National TV.

Developing: Turns out that the lynchpin story from Bobby Jindal of Visiting Sheriff Harry Lee in Jefferson Parish, never happened - and to make it worse, his staff is trying to spin their way out of things not realising you can publish LIVE on the internet as a story develops... and once it is on the "internet machine" it is out there for EVER.

First – Here is the clip of him telling the story to refresh your memory…

Well this story has almost completely exploded. Talking Points Memo has a much more detailed chronicling of the events surrounding this Nationally Televised LIE. But it goes like this… Jindal COS Timmy Teepell commented to the press that this story was actually “It was in the days following the storm. “ Well then they come BACK to the story to further dig themselves into a deep whole. They stated that Jindal didn’t imply in his address to the Nation that the story “took place during the heat of a fight to release rescue boats.” Melissa Sellers (Jindal’s Communications person) continued that this was in fact “days later” “Sheriff Lee was on the phone and the Governor came down to visit him. It wasn’t that they were standing right down there with the boats.” She went on to clarify that Lee was actually doing an interview when he was yelling into the phone. You should definitely visit the entire story here – you really can’t make this kind of stuff up.

When will politicians learn… it isn’t always the LIE – it is the cover up trying to COVER the lie that is going to get you.

So first you have a terrible delivery from Jindal – style being what it is… and inherently subjective, he bombed in this aspect. Then you take the LYNCHPIN “story” that Jindal told all of us to illustrate WHY we can’t trust Government (albeit he was also trying to tell us why REPUBLICANS should be back in charge in the same breath) and using Katrina as that example? This fell terribly short of delivering their desired results. Then we find out the entire story was a lie? WOW.

Doesn’t look so good for Bobby Jindal. How will "Bobby" get himself out of this one? Guess we will have to tune in to 60 Minutes on Sunday to find out!

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UPDATE: Check out this outline by MSNBC on this matter:
This bit starts at about 1:15 into this clip


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it's not newsworthy that politicians lie. blog when you catch one telling the truth consistently